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Friday, January 21, 2011

Yummy 3 Block Zone / Paleo Salad

So for those of you that think it's tough to eat healthy it's totally not! :) Here is a super easy recipe for a very delicious salad!!! :) I do 3 block meals so this is a 3 block zone / paleo salad that I eat for lunch almost every day.

3 Block Salad:

4 c. spinach (1 carb)
2 c. strawberries (2 carb)
3 oz. diced / cubed ham (3 protein)
Mix 1 tsp. olive oil (3 fat) & balsamic vinegar for dressing

ENJOY!!! :)

- Cassie

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  1. This one sounds super YUMMY! I am going to make this tonight!

    ~Both of you's biggest fan...Liana